Illegal Dumping

A significant amount of money, time and effort has been spent in recent years cleaning up the island. Unfortunately, a minority persist in the practice of illegal dumping of household waste/materials. There is no excuse for dumping household waste when the following services are available:

  • A very good fortnightly waste collection service provided by Sharkey Waste.
  • Removal of bulky household goods can be arranged with Sharkey Waste.
  • Bottles/Aluminum cans may be recycled at the bottle banks situated at an comharchumann yard.
  • End-of-life electrical goods can be brought to an comharchumann yard & a collection service for same is available.
It has been made clear by An Roinn & Donegal County Council that no further funding will be available for the collection and removal of illegally dumped waste from the island. Please make use of the waste disposal services that are available.

Sharkey Waste Disposal, Tel: 074 9548229
Environment Office, Donegal County Council, Tel: 074 9561300/9172255