Jobless to work for the dole or lose benefits

Irish Independent
By Aine Kerr and Sarah Stack
Monday August 30 2010

UNEMPLOYED people claiming the dole will be made to work in the community for their benefits under new government plans. Social Protection Minister Eamon O Cuiv has revealed that the new measures could be enforced within months.

Under a pilot scheme, intially up to 10,000 unemployed people will receive €210 for 19.5 hours work every week by helping out with local after-school and childcare services, sports clubs, services for older people and environmental projects.

Those who fail to show up or miss hours will be struck off the dole under the plans.

The "social employment" scheme hopes to keep the 10,000 people in regular work as they search for a full-time job and a return to the labour market. If successful, the scheme could be extended to 40,000 people over the next two years.

It will initially be run for a trial period over the next four months. "Changing the way we approach our existing resources can unlock the potential of new ways to create locally-based jobs," Mr O Cuiv said.

"We must create a better future for people who find themselves without a job; to provide them with work activity in the short term, to up-skill them and give them opportunities to get back into the mainstream workforce as speedily as possible.

"Maintaining people's employability through regular work activity will be important for getting people back into the competitive economy."

The Government's work opportunity schemes -- which include the Community Services Programme and the Rural Social Scheme -- are set to expand from early autumn, when they are transferred from the Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs to Mr O Cuiv's office.

Between them, both schemes already give work opportunities to 5,300 individuals nationwide.

Mr O Cuiv believes the move will make a difference to services throughout the country.


The Irish Language

Eagarfhocal: Donegal News 27/8/2010

The Irish Language

The Irish are not good at presenting a united front. Differences of opinion, personality clashes and pure bloody-mindedness have sunk many a good cause. As the old saying goes, the first item on the agenda is a split. Therefore an open letter signed by individuals from some thirty businesses and organisations should be treated seriously. This week we publish such a letter which was sent to the Taoiseach and the Tánaiste from interests in the Donegal Gaeltacht. Providing detailed figures they claim that if cuts are imposed then the Department of the Gaeltacht and Údarás na Gaeltachta will be extinct by 2016, the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising. The letter writers argue that while all departments are facing cuts, the Department of Community Equality and Gaeltacht affairs' budget will be slashed by over 70% at a time when the Irish language is facing it's most serious challenge yet.

The writers quote from what is known as the The Comprehensive Linguistic Study of the Use of Irish in the Gaeltacht which concluded that Irish could be the minority language in the strongest gaeltacht areas within fifteen years.

Even for non-Irish speakers this should be unacceptable. Is the present ruling generation to be the one that allowed Irish to die in the gaeltacht because of an economic crisis? That is the stark question facing not only the government but our society. The answer must be a resounding no.

Participants in the National Lobster V Notching Scheme 2010

An comharchumann has received the first payent on behalf of the participants in the BIM Lobster V Notching Scheme 2010.  Payments have been processed and await collection by participants.


Self-Employed Trades/C2 Holders

Anyone wishing to register their interest in carrying out works which may arise from time to time, on a self-employed basis should contact an comharchumann with their details.

UPDATE: Páirc Uile Aimseartha – All-Weather Pitch

Update: The application for funding for the All-Weather Pitch which has been applied for by an comharchumann has as yet, not been approved by the Department. The development of the pitch is one of the Development Projects detailed in the Arranmore Development Plan.

The addition of the pitch will be of tremendous benefit to the entire community and students and staff of Gairmscoil Mhic Diarmada.

Funding of Project
As with most funding applications, a substantial percentage of funding for community projects must be collected from the community. In this instance, 20% of the overall cost which amounts to €70,000 must be provided by the community. Contractors who previously tendered for the contract have recently been requested to re-submit their tenders as costs have fallen considerably since the initial tenders were made. Should the revised tenders be less than the original prices, the community contribution will in turn be reduced.

Location of Pitch
The committee of an comharchumann agreed to provide the grounds at the Baile Saoire for the project. It was decided to support the Gairmscoil’s proposal, by means of applying for funding, and by organising and participating in fund raising activities.

An Comharchumann has opened a  PO account  in the name of ‘Páirc Uile-Aimseartha’ and all funds raised by an comharchumann to date have been deposited into the account.
The account number is 2668880483 for anyone wishing to make a donation.
To date, an comharchumann fundraising activities has raised €4141.51

Further Fundraising
A sponsored walk will take place on Wednesday 15 September to raise funds for the pitch. Anyone wishing to support the walk can do so by providing sponsorship or by taking part in the walk.

Thank You
Thank you to all who have supported comharchumann fundraising activities to date.
An offer to organise a fundraiser in Scotland has also been gratefully received this week.


Impact of Gaeltacht Cuts - Irish Times 26 August 2010

A chara, 
The recent report from the Department of Finance, Infrastructure Investment Priorities 2010-2016 is a source of great concern to us in the Gaeltacht.
If its proposed State capital expenditure cuts are implemented, the Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs and the Gaeltacht Development Body, Údarás na Gaeltachta will effectively cease to exist by 2016 when we will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. Is this a fitting tribute?
According to The Comprehensive Linguistic Study of the Use of Irish in the Gaeltacht (2007) commissioned by this Government, there is a linguistic crisis in the Gaeltacht at present, even in the strongest Gaeltacht areas: “The unambiguous conclusion of the survey on young people is that, without a major change to language-use patterns, Irish is unlikely to remain the predominant community and family language in those areas with the most widespread and inclusive Irish-speaking networks (ie Category A Gaeltacht districts) for more than another 15 to 20 years.”

Tubaiste Árainn Mhór, Taispeántas Cuimhneacháin 75 Bliain

Cuireadh: Seoladh Oifigiúil Taispeántas Cuimhneacháin 75 bliain de Tubaiste Árainn Mhór

Ba mhór ag Comharchumann Oileán Árainn Mhór  sibh bheith linn nuair a seolfar an Taispeántas Cuimhneacháin 75 Bliain de Tubaiste Árainn Mhór ar an 4ú Meán Fómhair 2010 ag 3:30 i.n.
sa Chultúrlann, Fál an Ghabhann. 

Cuirfear fáilte roimh chách.

Invitation:  75th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition of the Arranmore Disaster

A Commemorative Exhibition to mark the 75th Anniversay of the Arranmore Disaster will be officially opened on the 4th September 2010 in An Chultúrlann, Fál an Ghabhann at 3:30pm

All Welcome.


Prescription charges from October

A prescription charge of 50 cent per item will be introduced for each item dispensed to medical card holders from October 1st, the Department of Health has confirmed.


Fograí na Seachtaine

Stáca Mór Crane

Donegal County Council has advised an comharchumann that due to the ongoing vandalism, abuse and misuse of the crane at Stáca Mór, the council may not be in a position to finance further replacement parts and repairs to the crane. Recent vandalism of the crane has been reported to Gardaí as live electrical wiring was left exposed following the bypassing of the load restrictor on the crane. It was left in an extremely hazardous and dangerous condition. The gearbox has recently been split in two and it may be necessary to write-off the crane. Should the crane be repaired in the future, it is important to ensure that it is used appropriately and with respect.

New By-laws
Leadhb Gharbh and Athphort piers will be governed by new by-laws which come into effect on 1 September, 2010.

Disposal of Boats
Contact an comharchumann should you wish to dispose of boats.

The 75 year commemorative exhibition of the Arranmore Disaster is on display in An Chultúrlann daily from 12:00- 3:30. There is no entrance fee. Information boards about the island are also on display. Local crafts for sale in centre include hand painted stones, hand-knitted children’s clothes and prints/photographs of local interest. Available also is a range of Irish Language Children’s Books & Greetings Cards, Árainn Mhór T-Shirts & Caps. Refreshments & Snacks available. Anyone wishing to donate items for display in centre, please contact an comharchumann.

Focal Buíochas
Sincere thank-you to Winnie Mc Cauley, Bella Gallagher, Pete Tom, Mary Lynch, Páidí Bhídí Ghracie, John Mc Cafferty, Sharon O’Donnell, Arranmore Women’s Group, Arranmore Day Centre, Cróna O Donnell, Patrick Sailor & Hugh Boyle who have provided goods/materials for exhibits. Go raibh céad maith agaibh.


Rátaí Lascaine - Discounted Rates

Baile Saoire Árainn Mhór – Arranmore Holiday Village
Ón Mháirt, 7ú Meán Fómhair, €25 san oíche an duine ar son loistín dhá oíche
From Tuesday 7th September, €25 pp per night for 2 night stay.

Siúlóid Urraithe-Sponsored Walk

Siúlóid Urraithe 5 Mhíle i gcomhair na Páirce Uile Aimseartha atá beartaithe ag Gairmscoil Mhic Diarmada

Beidh siúlóid urraithe a reachtáil ar an Chéadaoin, 15 Meán Fómhair 2010. Deán teagmháil leis an chomharchumann más mian tacaíocht a thabhairt le heagrú na siúlóide nó chun foirmeacha urraíochta á lorg. 074 9520533

Sponsored 5 Mile Walk in aid of the proposed All-Weather Pitch at Gairmscoil Mhic Diarmada.
A sponsored walk will take place on Wednesday, 15 September 2010. To offer assistance with the walk or to obtain sponsorship forms, contact an comharchumann. 074 9520533


Féile Oileán Thoraí – Tory Island Festival 28 /8/ 2010

Féile Oileán Thoraí – Tory Island Festival              28 /8/ 2010

It is hoped that teams from the Donegal Islands will compete in the curragh rowing and swimming competitions.
Curragh Rowing Teams & swimmers wishing to represent Árainn Mhór at the festival, please contact an comharchumann. 074 9520533
All proceeds in aid of RNLI

Coiste Bainistíochta Comharchumann Árainn Mhór – Management Committee Comharchumann Árainn Mhór

Toghadh an naonúr scairshealbhóirí a leanas ina mball de choiste bainistíochta Comharchumann Árainn Mhór ag Cruinniú Cinn Bliana na hEagraíochta a thionóladh sa Chultúrlann, Fál an Ghabhann ar an 18ú Iúil 2010.

The following nine shareholders were elected to serve on the management committee of Comharchumann Árainn Mhór at the Annual General Meeting of the Society which took place in the Cultúrlann, Fál an Ghabhann on 18th July 2010.

Seán Ó Baoill                            An Uilleann
Sharon Uí Dhónaill                    An Uilleann
Séamus Ó Baoill                       Poll an Mhadaidh
Peadar ó Domhnaill                   Plochóg
Donnchadha Ó Domhnaill          Fál an Ghabhann
Thomas Costello                       Fál an Ghabhann
Dónal Ó Gallachóir                    Na Tuarthaí
Jane Uí Mhurchú                       Athphort
Dónal Mac Ruairí                      Leabrannagh

Seirbhísí Insliú MFG - MFG Insulation Services

Seirbhísí Insliú MFG, Tithe Níos Teo, Tuilleadh Eolais/Foirmeacha Iarratais ar fáil ón chomharchumann 074 9520533

MFG Insulation Services  Warmer Home Scheme
Further Information/Application forms available from an comharchumann 074 9520533