Paying the Local Property Tax

Know Your Rights : Paying the Local Property Tax
October 2014
I paid the Local Property Tax by credit card this time last year. Is it the same amount for 2015 and how do I pay? 
Your Local Property Tax (LPT) is based on the valuation of your property on 1 May 2013. However, the rate you pay for 2015 may vary from the 2014 rate, following the introduction of the local adjustment factor. This means that the basic LPT rates can be adjusted up or down by up to15% in different local authority areas. Fourteen local authorities have reduced 2015 LPT rates in their areas by up to 15%. You can use Revenue's online calculator to check how much LPT is payable in different local authority areas.
As you paid your LPT for 2014 in one lump sum, you will get a letter from Revenue (or an email if you are a ROS customer) telling you whether your local authority changed the rate for 2015 and confirming the amount of LPT due. If you own more than one property, the letter will confirm the total amount due for all your properties. It will include your Property ID and PIN. 
When you get this letter you must confirm how you want to pay your 2015 LPT to Revenue. You can choose to continue to pay your LPT in the way you paid it in 2014 or you can change your payment method. You will recall from last year that, if you pay by credit card, the deduction will be made on the day that the transaction is completed online.
You must contact Revenue by 25 November 2014 if you want to switch to a phased payment method or by 7 January 2015 if you want to pay in full in one lump sum. The easiest way to do this is to use the LPT online system. If you need help with the online system you can call the LPT helpline on 1890 200 255.
People who didn’t pay their 2014 LPT in a lump sum do not get a letter from Revenue and they do not need to do anything unless they want to change their payment method. Revenue will apply any rate reductions automatically.  You can get more information from Revenue.
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