Waste Management Plan - Plean um Bainistiú Dramhaíola

Comharchumann Oileán Árainn Mhóir, assisted by funding from Údarás na Gaeltachta is carrying out a Waste Awareness Programme on Arranmore Island. As part of the programme, RPS were commissioned by Comharchumann Oileán Árainn Mhóir to prepare a report to set out the waste management arrangements for the future sustainable development of the island and recommend a strategy to suitably and legally manage the island's waste arisings in a way that is sympathetic to the local environment

The recently prepared Waste Management Plan proposes further improvements that will address potential growth in waste arisings and substantially increase the level of waste recovered and recycled. Measures proposed will reduce the quantity of household waste disposed of, and increase the quantity that is collected for recycling. This will represent a sustainable future for the people of Arranmore.

Arranmore Island Integrated Development Plan 2008-2013
The Arranmore Island Integrated Development Plan was launched in September 2008. The plan sets out nine development themes. Waste Management is one of them.