Road Maintenance

The road maintenance budget allocated to Comharchumann Árainn Mhór to undertake road maintenance works, was withdrawn in 2009 when Donegal County Council decided that staff of Donegal Co Co would in future, undertake the road maintenance works on the island. This arrangement has been unsatisfactory as there has been limited maintenance works completed in recent years. There is no formal contract of work between Donegal Co Co and an comharchumann.
Employees of Donegal Co Co did not come to the island during the recent freeze when comharchumann staff and other volunteers undertook the gritting of the roads.
An comharchumann has once again, expressed dissatisfaction with the current arrangements to County Councillors and staff of Donegal Co Co & has requested that a budget for road maintenance be allocated to an comharchumann.
A list of all roads in need of maintenance works together with other remedial works has this week, been submitted to the roads engineer.