EU Fisheries Policy-Have your say

European Commission Press Release

8 December 2009

Have your say on the future of EU fisheries policy.

If you work in fisheries, eat fish or have any interest in the sector, you
have until 31st December to give European Commission your suggestions for
improving the Common Fisheries Policy.

To have your say, log on to: www.euireland.ie/fish
and fill out our online consultation

The on-line consultation will contribute to the EU Commission's Green Paper
on the future of the EU's fisheries policy, which aims to address the
shortcomings of current legislation.

The Commission will issue its initial findings in the first half of 2010.
After further consultation with stakeholders, the Commission will then
prepare an impact assessment report and new regulations will be proposed
later in the year. This could then be presented to the European Parliament
and Council early in 2011, with a view for adoption in 2012.

For further information on the Green Paper and the consultation logon to: