Adjudication Report - Tidy Towns Competition 2009

Tidy Towns Competition 2009
Adjudication Report
Centre: Árainn Mhór Ref: 1227
County: Donegal Mark: 221
Category: B Date(s): 25/06/2009

Mark Awarded 2009
Overall Development Approach 27/50
The Built Environment 30/50
Landscaping 26/50
Wildlife and Natural Amenities 22/50
Litter Control 20/50
Waste Minimization 10/20
Tidiness 17/30
Residential Areas 30/40
Roads, Streets and Back Areas 32/50
General Impression 7/10

Overall Development Approach:

Thank you for your entry into this year’s TidyTowns Competition. Congratulations on your increase of points on 2008. It is clear that you feel that this competition is of great benefit. You seem to work well with other organisations. Your communication is good too. Your blog-spot is very useful and a good way of keeping the community at home and away up to date.

The Built Environment:

The Glen Hotel was looking very clean and bright and the lawn was well kept. The old Coast Guard Building looks very poor. A mural here might improve the appearance. The Ionad Seirbhísí Teanga looked very well. The Baile Saoire and all of the associated buildings looked extremely good. The Údarás building looked well and was much in use (for classes) on day of visit. The national school was also in use and looked bright and fresh. A satellite dish has been added since the adjudicator’s last time on Árainn Mhór. The grounds of the
secondary school looked really well. The Post Office looked well as did the shop and hostel opposite. The lighthouse looked super on this sunny day.


The shrine is well kept. The Árainn Mhór/ Beaver Island monument is very unusual and was admired. The associated works here are good. There is still no information on the board here. There is lovely planting at the secondary school, especially the roses. The work at the Baile Saoire was much admired. The front area of the Comharchumann looks very good. The new name stones and planting here were admired.

Wildlife and Natural Amenities:

The circular walking route brings the walker past some lovely habitat areas. Plants such as bog cotton, asphodel, sphagnum mosses and tormentil were abundant. The plan to provide information on wildlife for visitors is a good one and is overdue.

Litter Control:

Some litter and fly-tipping was noted. This was very unlikely to be caused by visitors. The fact that this was visible from way marked routes that the island promotes is very poor. The litterbin beside the lighthouse had been opened and rubbish was strewn about.

Waste Minimisation:

Well done for your various waste minimisation initiatives. Your blog-spot has details of the survey and study in which you’ve been participating. This is a very positive move. Well done on hosting the composting workshop. Is it known what percentage of households do compost? The bring banks were spotless, well kept and with a very nice information board.


There was no information on the board at the viewing point to the north of the island: There was no namesign on the secondary school, only a forbidding Do Not Enter sign. The ‘Ais Picnic’ sign at the lighthouse is barely legible. The bin and the Leadhb Gharbh sign both looked well. The new playground looks great, especially the climbing frogs!

Residential Areas:

The standard of maintenance and upkeep of private houses was high and there were some great examples of this.

Roads, Streets and Back Areas:

Árainn Mhór lends itself very well to walking and cycling and as there are so few cars it is very safe. The Slí Árainn Mhóir information signs are extremely good. However, it is felt that the walking routes are a little confusing in places and could be clarified with a couple of extra signs.

General Impression:

Árainn Mhór was seen on a beautiful summer day and the natural aspects of the island were spectacular. The walking routes are excellent but some should be clarified. Your idea for wildlife information and signage is good and should be acted upon. Also in need of action is the litter and fly-tipping which detracts greatly from the landscape. Your group is active and communicates well. There are many attractions on Árainn Mhór and it will no doubt continue to attract visitors in great numbers. The work that you are doing will maximise the
experience for them as well as improve the quality of life for the residents of this lovely island.