Family Income Supplement - FIS


Family Income Supplement (FIS) is paid by the Department of Social Protection and aims to provide support for people with families who are on low earnings. Towards the end of 2009, there were approximately 26,000 families, with almost 56,000 children, receiving FIS. In County Donegal there were approximately 1,700 families in receipt of FIS in 2010.

In the current economic climate there are families where hours of employment have been reduced resulting in reduced pay and some where the hourly rate was reduced, again, reducing actual take home pay. Therefore, there may be many more families who now have an entitlement to the Family Income Supplement (FIS) payment.
Generally to qualify for FIS, at least one member of the family must be working an average of 19 hours per week, with a minimum of one dependent child under 18, but up to 22 years if in full time education.
If you qualify for FIS you get a minimum payment of €20 a week TAX FREE which is not taken into account in the means test for a Medical Card.
The payment is based on your net salary (take home pay) which allows for deductions for income tax, PRSI contributions, the Universal Social Charge and pension contributions. There are a range of Social Welfare payments which are also not taken into account in your means: Child Benefit; Domiciliary Care Allowance; Carer’s Allowance; Guardian’s/Foster Allowances; Supplementary Welfare Allowance and others.

The following are the FIS net income limits for 2011:
Family size Weekly income limit

1 child €506 2 children €602
3 children €703 4 children €824
5 children €950 6 children €1,066
7 children €1,202 8 children €1,298

An Example: If your net average weekly family income is below the income limit for your family size, then you get 60% of the difference between the two. The minimum you get is €20 a week. So, if you have two children and your net weekly income is €400, you get 60% of €202 – that is €121.20 a week.
There are rules with regard to parents who are separated and maintenance payments and there is only one payment made in respect of a family. The payment is generally made for one year and is then subject to review. You may get the Back to Work Allowance and also receive FIS but you may not receive FIS while you are on a Community Employment scheme.

Further information
Family Income Supplement Section
Department of Social and Family Affairs
Social Welfare Services Office
Government Buildings
Ballinalee Road
Co Longford
Tel: (043) 45211 or (01) 704 3000
Or your local Citizens Information Centre, the National Citizens Information Phone Service, 1890 777 121 or visit www.citizensinformation.ie
Application forms are available at any local Social Welfare Office, or lo-call 1890 20 23 25 or downloadable from www.welfare.ie