Cartlann Clós Amharc na nOileán– Island’s Video Archive

Tá sé beartaithe trí thaispeántais pobail do chláir na cartlainne a bhaineann leis an oileán a reáchtáil sa chultúrlann ag 6:00in ar na dátaí a leanas:

Dé Domhnaigh 25 Meán Fómhair,
Dé Domhnaigh 2 Deireadh Fómhair,
Dé Domhnaigh 9 Deireadh Fómhair.

Beidh táille €3.00 ar an doras & cuirfear sólaistí ar fáil ag am sosa.
Cuirfear fáltais an 25 Meán Fómhair i gcomhair ‘Irish Heart Foundation.’
Fáile roimh chách!

The island video archive will be shown over three weekend evenings at 6:00 pm in the Cultúrlann on the following dates:
Sunday 25 September
Sunday 2 October
Sunday 9 October
There will be a charge of €3.00 and refreshments will be served at break time.
Proceeds from Sun 25 September in aid of ‘Irish Heart Foundation.’
All welcome!
The material contained in the islands archive is to be extended in the future and will include photographs, newspaper archives and books. If you have any pictures or newspaper cuttings that could be used in the archive, please let us know. Anyone wishing to provide any pictures or newspapers for the archive will have their property returned when it has been copied.