Consumer rights during sales

Know Your Rights 
January 2015
What are my consumer rights when I buy something in the sales? Can I return sales items?
Your consumer rights during a sale are exactly the same as at any other time of the year.
Goods should be of merchantable quality, fit for their intended purpose and as described. If they are not, you are entitled to a repair, replacement or refund. The legislation does not specify whether it is the retailer or the customer who decides which form of redress is offered.
If you have a problem with goods that you bought at full price and are now on sale at a reduced price, you are entitled to a refund of the full price (if the shop is willing to offer a refund).
However, you are not entitled to a refund because you change your mind about something you have bought in a shop, whether this is during the sales or at any other time of the year. Many shops do allow you to exchange goods that you have had second thoughts about, but this is at their discretion. It is a good idea to check the shop's refund policy before buying anything.
If you buy goods at full price but change your mind about them, and they are now on sale at a lower price, you may only be offered the reduced amount (if the shop is willing to offer a refund). You should always keep your receipts as proof of purchase and the price paid.
For more information, visit the website of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission at consumerhelp.ie.
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