Know Your Rights : Pay over Christmas and the New Year December 2014

I work part-time from Monday to Wednesday. This year Christmas falls on a Thursday. Will I get paid for Christmas Day and St Stephen’s Day, even though I don’t work on those days? What about New Year’s Day which falls on the following Thursday?
Christmas Day, St Stephen’s Day and New Year’s Day are public holidays. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are not. All workers are entitled either to paid time off or pay for a public holiday. (Your employer can decide whether to give you time off or pay.)
Part-time workers must have worked for the employer for at least 40 hours in the previous five-week period to have a public holiday entitlement.
If you work part-time and the public holiday falls on a day that you usually work you are entitled to a day’s pay or a paid day off for the public holiday. Part-time workers who are not rostered to work on a public holiday are still entitled to be paid or to paid time off for the public holiday. Part-time workers get one-fifth of their normal pay for the week as compensation for the holiday.
If you are required to work on a public holiday you are entitled to be paid at your usual rate and you are also entitled to either an additional day’s pay or a paid day off.
In your case you should receive one-fifth of your normal weekly pay for each of the three public holidays, Christmas Day, St Stephen’s Day and New Year’s Day. So you should get the additional pay or the equivalent amount of time off. Your employer can decide which option to give you.
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