Boscaí Bruscar – Litter Bins

Boscaí Bruscar – Litter Bins
A number of the roadside litter bins situated at various locations around the island have been removed.  The bins were removed as there is no arrangement in place for the servicing of them.  Comharchumann Árainn Mhór has not been responsible for the servicing of the bins and all servicing of bins to date by an comharchumann was undertaken on a voluntary basis.  Many of the bins in question were regularly filled with household waste such as dogfood tins and children’s nappies.     
Following consultations between an Comharchumann,  Donegal Co Co and the waste removal operator, it has been agreed that a number of the bins will remain in place and they will be serviced on a regular fortnightly basis. 
It should be noted that the bins are not for the use of householders for the disposal of household waste.  Householders are responsible for the responsible disposal of their own household waste.  The roadside bins are for general roadside litter only. 

An island map illustrating the litter bins which will be regularly serviced will follow in due course.